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Our cheerleading program mission is to train cheer athletes to be safe, strong, and confident in their tumbling and stunting pursuits and to help promote safety in the sport of cheerleading through educational support.

Cheer & Tumble Classes
For our cheerleading program, we offer weekly cheer and tumble classes for students, ages 4-18, at our gym in Bellevue.  Check out our current class schedule below for times for your student.

Squad Training
We also offer a squad training program at our gym and through our satellite training program.  We offer skill training for beginner to advanced level squads in tumbling, stunt work, motions, jumps, and dance.  We teach squads how to safely perform stunts, proper technique in their tumbling pursuits, and condition them to increase their strength, flexibility, and endurance.  We can also provide choreography for pom dances and competition routines.  Find more information about our squad training program here.

Preschool Gymnastics & Dance
We will launch our preschool gymnastics and dance program at our gym on August 23rd!  
Details will be uploaded very soon!!! 

Coaches Corner
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7657 Hwy 70 S #101

Nashville, TN 37221

(615) 969-9955

Class Schedule

Spring Session: Mar 21st - May 23rd  for Summer Registration click here

We also offer Continuous Enrollment for the school season with monthly tuition credit card drafts. 

To enroll, please select the option at check out.


($25 Annual Student Fee)



Preschool Gymnastics



Preschool Gymnastics


Youth Cheer


Junior/Senior Cheer




Preschool Gymnastics


Tumble Gym

(Ages 5-8)



Preschool Gymnastics



Parent & Tot

(18-36 months)




Parent & Tot

(18-36 months)



Parent & Tot

(18-36 months)



Preschool Gymnastics



Tumble Gym

(Ages 5-8)


Tumble I

(Ages 9+)


Tumble I


Tumble II


Register for Classes Online!

$25 Annual Student Registration Fee

Online registration requires payment with a credit card.  If you do not wish to pay by credit card online, then you would need to complete the registration forms found here.  Please call or email us at 969-9955/contact@CheerNashville.com to make sure that a space is available in the class for your child.  Class spots are reserved at the time of tuition payment.

Class Descriptions:

Youth Cheer    Spring Session  $152 (9 weeks) or $70/Monthly Auto Draft      

Cheerleading for ages 9-12.  Beginner to intermediate skill level on tumbling, stunt work, and jumps along with instruction in motions, cheers & chants, and cheer-dance.  Participants should bring cheer shoes to class.

Senior Cheer    Spring Session  $175 (9 weeks) or $85/Monthly Auto Draft

Intermediate to advanced cheer class which includes tumbling, motions & jump perfection, cheers & chants, cheer-dance, and stunt work.  Participants should bring cheer shoes to class.

Tumble Gym    Spring Session  $129 (9 weeks) or $60/Monthly Auto Draft

(Ages 5-8)  Beginner level tumbling & gymnastics class.  This class also combines floor tumbling with gymnastics skill work on bars and beam.  Tumbling skill progressions include handstand, rolls, cartwheels, back-bends, walkovers, round-offs, & running tumbling.

Tumble I    Spring Session  $129 (9 weeks) or $60/Monthly Auto Draft

Beginner level tumbling class.  Skill progressions include handstand, rolls, cartwheels, back-bends, walkovers, round-offs, running tumbling, and intro to the back-handspring.  If this tumble class is for a cheerleader, the student should bring cheer shoes to class.

Tumble II    Spring Session  $129 (9 weeks) or $60/Monthly Auto Draft

Intermediate to advanced tumbling class.  Prerequisites include unassisted handstand, back-bend, and back-handspring with a light spot.  Skills progressions include the standing back-handspring, series BHS, tucks, aerials, and lay-outs.  Please contact us to register your student for this class.  Cheerleaders should bring their cheer shoes to class.

Monkeys Preschool Gymnastics     Spring Session  $129 (9 weeks) or $60/Monthly Auto Draft

Events include bars, beam, vault drills, tumbling, floor exercises, jumping and landing skills, and group activities.  Goals include improvement in balance, coordination, and core strength with specific goals set as per student regarding each event.

Kangaroos Parent/Tot    Spring Session  $112 (9 weeks) or $55/Monthly Auto Draft

A movement class based on gymnastics for the little ones!  Parents guide their tots, ages 18-36 months, as they learn to navigate gymnastics events while having fun!  Coordination, balance, agility, and social skills are enhanced through gymnastics, music, and group activities.

Private Lessons    Please call for pricing information (969-9955) 

We offer tumbling, cheerleading, and dance private lesson training.  Each private lesson runs for an hour and is usually scheduled weekly.  We also offer semi-private lessons which is a lesson shared between two or three students.

Private Squad Classes    Please call for pricing information (969-9955) 

We also offer private classes to help cheer squads on tumbling and stuntwork.  Please call or email us (Contact@CheerNashville.com) for a quote.

What to wear to class:

Cheerleading & tumble classes:  We require students to wear cheer shoes (or tennis shoes if they don’t have cheer shoes), sport shorts, t-shirt, and pull all long hair up and out of the face.

Preschool & Parent/Child Gymnastics

For Students:  A leotard or unitard for the girls is the best choice, however stretchy pants/shorts and t-shirts are fine, too, as long as it is not too baggy.  Boys should wear stretchy pants/shorts and t-shirts.  Children should NOT wear shoes, socks, or tights for class as they can easily slip on equipment (although convertible tights for girls are fine).  All long hair should be pulled up and out of the face.

For Parents and Guardians:  Parents are asked to wear their socks on the gym floor in parent/child class participation.  Each adult that will attend the parent/child classes over the course of the session, needs to complete the class waiver form found here.

We offer discounts!

Sibling Discount: 

20% off of second child’s tuition for every class that your child registers*

30% off of third child’s tuition for every class that your child registers*

*The Sibling Discount does not apply to private lessons.

We apply the highest discount to lowest cost class first as per student.

Multiple Class Discount for one child only:

20% off of the second class*

30% off of the third class*

*The Multi-Class Discount does not apply to private lessons.

We take highest discount off of lowest cost class first.

Class Make Up Policy

If you child must miss a class, please contact us prior to the class, if possible, in order to schedule a make-up.  Each student enrolled in the school season (sessions Fall-Spring) and the Full Summer Session is granted one make-up opportunity per class per month.  Make-ups must occur within the same season as the scheduled class and cannot be a private lesson. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a make-up class will be available to accommodate one's schedule.  Sorry, we do not give tuition refunds or credit due to missed classes.

Inclement Weather Policy

Should we encounter inclement weather in our area and have to cancel classes, we will post cancellations on our Facebook webpage and we will also leave an outgoing message with cancellation information at (615) 969-9955. We do not necessarily cancel classes by area school closings, so please check with us. If we must close, we will offer make-up class options for all students within 30 days of the class cancellation.

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Tumble I

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Tumble II


Senior Tumble

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